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Episode 1: The Disappearance of Maura Murray

Show Notes

The first episode of this podcast dives into the bizarre disappearance of Maura Murray. A case that remains open to this day in New Hampshire, Maura vanished on the night of February 11th, 2004. Following a vehicle crash on that evening, by the time police responded to the scene, Maura and all traces of her were gone, and nothing has been seen of her since. Family and friends have continued their search for her over the years, and remain hopeful that they will one day receive some answers in this case. The podcast details Maura's life, as well as the days leading up to her disappearance, and the investigation that followed. Source materials and different media have been listed below should you be interested in continuing to learn about this case, as well as an article that provides a possible recent lead. 

News Update Article: 

Source Material:

#BlueRibbon Campaign Link: 


Additional Media: Missing Maura Murray, Mile Higher Podcast- "Where is Maura Murray? Vanished Without a Trace 17 Years Ago - Podcast #169"

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