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About Crime Bistro

Crime Bistro is your go-to podcast for chilling tales of true crime. Join us as we delve into the darkest corners of the human mind, exploring heinous crimes and the minds behind them. Our podcast is a blend of riveting storytelling and in-depth analysis, keeping you on the edge of your seat with each episode. If you have a fascination for the mysterious and the macabre, Crime Bistro is the perfect podcast for you.

That being said, we know that morbid curiosities can be very overwhelming and exhausting at times, so I'm introducing a new segment to Crime Bistro: Coffee Chats! These more informal episodes will focus on user stories, informative topics, and sometimes, just a conversation, you and me! We are a community at Crime Bistro, and there's something for everyone!

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Hi! I'm Anna

Nice to meet you! I am a recent college graduate from the University of New Haven, and a long-time true crime enthusiast - and as a former barista, I don't mind the occasional cup of coffee! After spending hundreds of hours watching documentaries and listening to other podcasts, I came up with a crazy goal: creating my own. This is a true passion project for me, and I love being able to share my interests with listeners. However, I also believe that we have a responsibility to keep the voices of the victims in these cases alive, and I want to build a community that can truly make an impact. Outside of podcasting, I work full-time, care for my rescue greyhound, spend time in the Arizona sun, and rewatch the same 3 TV shows over and over. I'm so happy that you're here, and I hope that you keep listening!

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