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Episode 24: The Somerton Man

Show Notes

Referred to as Australia's greatest mystery, the unknown, nameless Somerton man washed up on the shore of Adelaide in December of 1948, and has to this day never been identified. This death baffles law enforcement to this day, and the case is so opaque that not only do we not know the identity of the Somerton man, we don't know what killed him, and it can't even be said for sure if foul play was involved. The only real clue is a small slip of paper that was found in a secret pocket in the man's clothing, a piece of an ancient Persian poetry book called the Rubaiyat, printed with the words that roughly translate to "The End."  Over the years, many theories have arisen about this bizarre death, including spy activity, a loving relationship gone wrong, or suidcide, but no one assumption answers every question. All that can be said for this case, even after so many decades, is that it is one of the world's most perplexing cold cases to date, and one of the most mysterious in history. If you are interested in learning more about this case, all of the sources are listed below. If you have an opinion or a theory of your own to share, feel free to visit the podcast on YouTube or on Instagram @crimebistropodcast, to leave a comment and see some behind the scenes looks at the exciting cases to come!


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