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Episode 26: The Death of Kendrick Johnson

Show Notes

This episode covers the gripping details of the case of Kendrick Johnson, which has been a fight to discover the truth since 2013. On January 10th of that year, high school student Kendrick Johnson didn't return from school, immediately scaring his family into a search that would end the next morning when his body was discovered, horrifyingly, rolled up in a wrestling mat in the gym at Lowndes High School. Police immediately announced the death to be a tragic accident, however, the details of this case go much deeper, and upon some investigation, the theory of an accident starts to fall apart at the seams. But, if not an accident, then what really happened to Kendrick Johnson? That is the question that his family has been trying to answer for years, and recent coverage of this case is bringing their desperate search for the truth the attention that it deserves. If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating case, all of the sources are listed below. If you have an opinion or a theory of your own to share, feel free to visit the podcast on YouTube or on Instagram @crimebistropodcast to leave a comment and see some behind-the-scenes updates on the exciting cases to come!


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