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Episode 23: The Black Dahlia

Show Notes

On the morning of January 15th, 1947, just before 11 am, Betty Bersinger was taking her child for a walk in a Las Angeles neighborhood when her eyes fell on something that she first assumed to be a mannequin. Another look revealed that the sight was much more sinister, and she was instead looking at the posed body of 22 year old Elizabeth Short, later dubbed the "Black Dahlia." Panicked, she grabbed her daughter and ran for the nearest phone to call the police. First responders arrived at the horrible scene quickly, and were able to identify Elizabeth using her fingerprints on record, allowing the media to start quickly reporting on the grisly murder.  Elizabeth's striking beauty and her iconic Black Dahlia nickname have kept this case in the public eye for decades, and though her killer has yet to be identified, this case is arguably one of the most famous and enduring unsolved murder cases across the world. If you are interested in learning more about this case, all of the sources are listed below, and if you have a theory or an opinion of your own to share, feel free to visit the podcast on YouTube or on Instagram @crimebistropodcast to leave a comment and see some behind-the-scenes updates on the exciting cases to come!


Episode 23 Show Notes Image.jpg
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