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Episode 28: The Keddie Cabin Murders

Show Notes

Most horror movies begin with a black screen reading "Based on a True Story," and while many of them are, it isn't often that the story behind the plot is even more horrifying than the film itself. This, however, is one of those cases. The movie, "The Strangers," is a nightmare-inducing project that follows a young couple as they fight for their lives in a remote home that is being stalked by masked murderers. It's inspiration, the famous Keddie Cabin murders, is a story that is somehow even more spine-chilling. On Saturday, April 11th, 1981, a mother and three children were attacked in their home in the Keddie Resort in California. Three of them were found murdered, while one of the children would remain a missing person until years after that horrific night. The identity of their killer is still unknown to this day, though the investigation is ongoing, and police have expressed that they are more confident than ever that this case will finally have an answer. If you are interested in learning more about this case, all of the sources are listed below. If you have an opinion or a theory of your own to share, feel free to visit the podcast on YouTube or on Instagram @crimebistropodcast to leave a comment and see some behind-the-scenes updates on the exciting cases to come!


Episode 28 Show Notes Image.jpg
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