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Episode 25: The Disappearance of Cynthia Anderson

Show Notes

So far on this podcast, we have covered a variety of missing persons cases, however, for any true crime enthusiast, it can be nearly impossible to even scratch the surface. The website estimates that about 600,000 people disappear each year, and while obviously not all of these cases involve a crime or any sort of foul play, the number is entirely overwhelming. In this vastly long list of missing persons, however, there are some cases that will always stick out as especially disturbing, and the case of Cynthia Anderson is absolutely one such example. Cynthia vanished from her job in Toledo Ohio on the morning of August 4, 1981, leaving behind barely a trace or a clue. In the year leading up to her disappearance, Cynthia had been receiving terrifying messages from an anonymous individual who had never been identified, and who many believe holds the key to solving this 40 year old investigation. No leads have been identified so far, but there are theories to explore, each one nearly as plausible as the next. If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating case, all of the sources are listed below. If you have an opinion or a theory of your own to share, feel free to visit the podcast on YouTube or on Instagram @crimebistropodcast to leave a comment and see some behind the scenes looks at the exciting cases to come!


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