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Episode 16: The Murder of Sherri Rasmussen

Show Notes

On February 24 of 1986, the life of a young Sherri Rasmussen was cruelly taken from her in her own Los Angeles home by an unknown assailant. She was newly married, highly successful in her nursing career, and had a bright and exciting future ahead of her, however, her murder remained unsolved for over two decades, until the case finally broke in 2009. The original detectives on Sherri's case wrote the tragedy off as a burglary gone wrong, which caused the investigation to stall for many years, until a new set of eyes breathed new life into it. This episode covers Sherri's murder, the long investigation, her parent's struggle for justice for their daughter, as well as the final push that led this horrific crime to finally see justice served. And for the investigators who cracked the case wide open, what they found was even more close to home than they could have expected. For those who are interested in learning more about Sherri's case, all of the show notes are listed below, and if you have an opinion of your own to share about the complex investigation, visit the podcast on Instagram @crimebistro podcast to see some behind-the-scenes updates on the exciting episodes to come!


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