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Episode 2: The Murders at White House Farms

Show Notes

This podcast episode examines the lives of the Bamber family leading up to their brutal murders on August 7th, 1985, at White House Farms in Essex County. The story explores the framing of Sheila Bamber for the crimes, and the eventual investigation, trial, and conviction of Jeremy Bamber for the murder of his immediate family. This is a case that is less famous in the US, but tells a bizarre story for investigators and crime enthusiests alike, and I have always been personally fascinated by the details. Source materials for this episode are listed below, as well as additional media, including the TV series that was produced based on this case and has gained it even more notoriety in the world of true crime. 

Source Materials:


Additional Media: The Murders at White House Farm (streaming on HBO Max), The Murders at White House Farm: The Podcast

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