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Episode 10: The Vanishing of Brandon Swanson

Show Notes

This mysterious episode covers the vanishing of nineteen year old Brandon Swanson on a freezing Minnesota night in 2008, and the ensuing investigation that left authorities with absolutely nothing. During the early morning hours of May 14th, Brian and Annette Swanson received a call from their son Brandon, who was asking them for a ride after driving his Chevrolet Lumina sedan into a ditch in Lynd, Minnesota. His parents got up and made the quick ten minute drive to the road Brandon described, but they could not find their son anywhere in the darkness. They remained on the phone with him for almost an hour that night while Brandon described his location to them, until he suddenly exclaimed and the line disconnected, and he was never seen or heard from again. The ensuing investigation only left authorities and the Swansons with more questions when they discovered that Brandon was never actually in Lynd at all on that night, and discovered his abandoned vehicle over 30 miles away with absolutely no trace of him anywhere withing the 122 square mile search area. The episode covers the extensive search for Brandon, as well as the many different theories that have been put forth, and the legislation that his parents advocated for to help future families who experience the loss of a loved one in a similar manner. All of the source materials are listed below, as well as a link to the Swanson family blog and the information to contact Minnesota authorities, who are still taking tips regarding Brandon's case. 

Swanson Family Blog: 

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension: 

          Telephone: (877)-996-6222


Source Materials:

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