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Episode 8: The Yuba County Five

Show Notes

This episode covers the odd circumstances behind the deaths of the Yuba County Five, diving into some of the most bizarre unanswered questions in California true crime history. On Febuary 24, 1978, a group of five men from Yuba County attended a basketball game at California State University, piling into a Mercury Montenegro and driving off into the night, never to be seen alive again. The car was found 4,500 feet up a mountain road in the Plumas National Forest, abandoned with the keys missing but the vehicle was not stuck in the snow, still had gas in the tank, and started without any troubles. Four of the five bodies of the men were found in June later that year, only leaving investigators with more questions. No one knows what prompted them to drive up into the dark wilderness away from their homes, what caused them to abandon the car, why they were were found under the conditions they were, and whether or not foul play could have been involved. This case has a twisted web of theories, none of which account for every loose end, and it is likely that there will never be a real answer about what took place on that cold, dark February night. If you are interested in learning more about this case, often referred to as 'America's Dyatlov Pass Incident,' all of the source materials are listed below, and be sure to visit the podcast on Instagram @crimebistropodcast for some additional behind the scenes updates!

Source Materials:

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