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Bonus Episode: The Psychology of Serial Killers

Show Notes

This exciting first bonus episode of Crime Bistro dives into the psychology of serial killers, some of the most feared criminals, and explores the field of research that many investigators and criminal psychologists have been fascinated by for decades. The episode covers questions including:

What is a serial killer?

What role does childhood play in the development of a serial killer?

What are the common motives of serial killers?

And more...

Listen to the episode to learn more about this expanding field of research, and to learn a bit more about the twisted minds of these individuals that we all find so unsettingly captivating. The source materials for this episode are listed below for anyone who is interested in doing any additional reading on the subject, and be sure to visit the podcast on Instagram @crimebistropodcast for more behind the scenes looks. 


Serial Killers Show Notes Image.jpg
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