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Bonus Episode: The Legend of Bigfoot

Show Notes

The legend of Bigfoot has captivated people for numerous decades following the release of the extremely famous and controversial Patterson-Gimlin film in 1967. Bigfoot was initially popularized in the mainstream media in 1958, however, after a man named Ray Wallace became famous nearly overnight for making casts of unusually large footprints that he found near a worksite in northern California. Despite the recency of these two more sensationalized occurrences, however, legends of creatures such as Bigfoot have been in existence for nearly as long as humans themselves, and the sasquatch in particular can be traced concretely back to Native Americans, specifically those located in the Northwest region of North America. The debate as to whether or not this creature actually exists is very much ongoing, with many people believing that Bigfoot is only a legend arising from the human tradition of storytelling. Others still, however, believe that Bigfoot is very much real, and that while there is minimal to no physical evidence, the number of reported sightings, especially the Patterson-Gimlin film, is not to be overlooked. This episode explores the origins of the Bigfoot legend and how it has created the image of the creature we know today, as well as the evidence that may point to the existence of this elusive creature. 


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