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Episode 20: The Cold Case Squad

Show Notes

Reports of skeletal remains being found throughout the Grand Canyon are relatively commonplace, especially over the last 100 years. This is understandable, however, considering the high number of cold cases that the Coconino County Sheriff's office has in their database. The sheer amount of disappearances, unattended deaths, and homicides, as well as the need to identify remains, has led the county to found a unit that is known as the 'Cold Case Squad.' The Cold Case Squad works on identifying victims of accidents, suicides, and murders, sometimes creating names for these people in an attempt to create identities, including Little Miss X and Valentine Sally. To this day, the cold-case squad is working to piece together the mysteries of the Grand Canyon, hoping to bring closure to even century old cases if they can. This episode will cover just a few of these cases, however, the list itself is overwhelming. This episode tells the stories of the unidentified Little Miss X, the recently identified Valentine Sally, and the still missing Justin Richardson, all investigations which are still ongoing, and all of which are currently under the jurisdiction of the cold case squad. If you are interested in learning more about these cases, all of the sources are listed below, as well as a link to the Coconino Sheriff Cold Cases Facebook page, where all of the cases under their jurisdiction are listed. If you have a theory or comment of your own to share, visit the podcast on Youtube or on Instagram @crimebistro podcast, and catch some behind the scenes looks at the episodes to come!

Coconino Sheriff Cold Cases Facebook: 


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