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Episode 14: Jennifer Pan

Show Notes

In Ontario, Canada, in 2010, a home invasion became national news when it was reported that the residence of Vietnamese immigrants Bich-Ha and Hann Pan and their children Jennifer and Felix Pan was broken into. The horrific scene resulted in the death of Bich-Ha and serious injury to Hann Pan, but what followed this news was far more disturbing as police began to suspect that the daughter, Jennifer Pan herself, had orchestrated the brutal attack on her parents. The subsequent investigation into Jennifer revealed a 7 year long web of lies and a careful murder-for-hire plot that devastated the Pan family and shocked the public. This episode covers the family life in the Pan household, Jennifer's deviation from her promising childhood success, and how it all went wrong in the months leading up to the murder. The story will also cover Jennifer's trial alongside her co-conspirators and where she is today. If you are interested in learning more about this horrifying case, all of the source materials are listed below, and be sure to follow the podcast on Instagram @crimebistropodcast for some behind-the-scenes updates on the exciting cases to come!


Episode 14 Show Notes Image.jpeg
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