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Episode 13: The Watcher

Show Notes

The case of "The Watcher" follows the infamous horrors faced by the Broaddus family as they moved into their Westfield, New Jersey dream home in 2014, only to receive letters from an anonymous individual who claimed their family had been watching the home for generations. The family found themselves in an impossible situation, unable to sell the home once the rumors of the Watcher spread, and unable to move in out of fear for their children's safety. To this day, while multiple theories have been investigated, the watcher has remained anonymous, and for all we know, they could still be lurking outside 657 Boulevard. In this episode, we cover the timeline of the case and the Broaddus family's efforts to find their stalker, as well as the theories the police have looked into, and the lawsuit that they brought against the previous owners in 2015. If you are interested in learning more about this case, all of the source materials are listed below. Feel free to visit the podcast on Instagram @crimebistropodcast or on YouTube if you have an opinion to share about one of the theories, or have one of your own to offer!


Episode 13 Show Notes Image.jpg
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