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Gravel Road into the Forest

Episode 4: The Infamous Diane Downs

Show Notes

This episode details the disturbing behavior and crimes of the infamous mother Diane Downs. On May 19th, 1983, Diane brought her three children on a deadly late night drive that ended in tragedy, becoming one of Oregon's most infamous murder cases of all time. Diane was punished for her crimes against her children, and this show dives into her early life, psychological troubles, and the distressing motive behind her attack on her own family. The source materials for this story have been listed below, as well as a link to a video from the police investigation where Diane does a reenactment for the cameras of the events from her own version of that night. Click through these sources for some additional information on her timeline and state of mind, and listen along to the episode to form your own opinion about what unfolded decades ago on that desolate forest road. 

Reenactment Video: 


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