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Episode 9: The Staircase

Show Notes

The case known as 'The Staircase' follows the death of Kathleen Peterson on December 9 of 2001, and the subsequent legal battle that occupied the next decades of her husband Michael Peterson's life, who immediately fell under suspicion. Kathleen was found dead in her home at the bottom of their back staircase, coated by and surrounded with blood spatters, that led investigators to believe the scene was much too violent to have been caused by a fall down the stairs. Michael's legal struggle saw many ups and downs in his determined effort to prove his innocence, but was he? Sometimes, charisma is not enough, and even the most seemingly perfect relationships can have a dark undertone that ends in murder. This episode covers the evidence that has been built up against Michael, as well as a look into an event in his past that might have been exactly what the prosecution needed to prove him guilty. The case is extremely controversial, and so many are still split on whether or not Michael had a hand in Kathleen's death on that cold December morning. All of the source materials are listed below, as well as a link to the famous Netflix documentary series that closely follows Michael Peterson's life after the demise of Kathleen. Also, be sure to follow the podcast on Instagram @crimebistropodcast, and leave a comment if you have an opinion of your own to share!

'The Staircase' Documentary: 

Source Material:

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